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WWDC Convention

Posted by videogameworld360 on June 6, 2011 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Well as we all know that the WWDC Convention is today in about 7-10 hours and the big question is whats going to be introduced? We all know that IOS 5 and maybe lion is going to be introduced but there's a huge black cloth Covering a board in the main hall at the convention so I'm thinking there's going to something huge going on today and what I mainly think is that Cloud is the new thing today or maybe the infamous iPhone 5! I'll keep you guys posted. Comment what you think it's going to be!

Apple's New iOS 5 Review

Posted by videogameworld360 on June 1, 2011 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)
Apple will present the next major release of its iOS mobile operating system at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, with major changes including the addition of widgets and a completely new notification system. TechCrunch editor MG Siegler broke the ?big news? of ?completely revamped notifications and widgets? coming to the next iOS, rumored to be revealed June 6th at the WWDC in San Francisco. It has long been speculated that Apple has been working on improving the notifications system in iOS, since the hiring of Rich Dellinger in June 2010. Dellinger was the lead architect that designed the fantastic notification system used Palm?s WebOS system, now owned by HP. Apple has been filing numerous patents of late, a number of which have centered on widgets for touchscreen devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The widgets, like those on other mobile operating systems, would stay ?always in sync?, and can provide the user with information about the weather, messages and more. It?s clear that Apple has large plans for whatever it?s launching at WWDC ? be it software or hardware-related. Sources have been claiming that Apple?s media relations team is hard at work pressing journalists from many different countries to make the pilgrimage to San Francisco to cover the conference, as ?the software announcements will be huge.? It?s largely believed that Apple will be covering the next iOS ? dubbed iOS 5 ? in great detail to make up for the lack of a new iPhone launch, which many believe will take place in September, or in 2012. The report by TechCrunch also alluded to a number of other Apple-related announcements expected at the event. Apple?s ?iCloud? service may be announced, which is expected to bring cloud storage for iOS and Mac OS X. In March of this year, TechCrunch reported that cloud-based features of iOS 5 may not launch until this fall, but these might be shown off at WWDC as well. Sources have also suggested that although Apple sealed a licensing deal with Nuance, there will be no additional voice control features added to the next iOS release. Siegler added his own comments to this rumor, stating ?That?s odd since it?s perhaps the most obvious usage, but apparently, in the builds of iOS 5 currently being tested, the little-used feature hasn?t changed at all, we hear.? The report noted that it?s possible that Nuance technology may one day be added to iOS, but rumors point to the deal being struck for ?bigger things more core to the OS than that one feature.? In February, the Wall Street Journal broke a story that Apple was hard at work to integrate ?voice navigation? into the next iOS, while the New York Times speculated that Apple is working to enhance voice commands as some users dislike the iPhone?s virtual keyboard.

(IOS Firmware 4.3.3) Should You upgrade or not?

Posted by videogameworld360 on May 30, 2011 at 11:42 PM Comments comments (0)
Apple's new iOS firmware 4.3.3 been getting a lot Of attention due to it's faster Safari and Mail "App" Data Transfer but the big question is should you upgrade from your(probably jailbroken)4.2.1 or 4.2.2? What I say as a hacker is for right now stay at 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 because redsn0w jailbreak is very risky right now and it's a tethered jailbreak(which means you have to keep plugging it back in and reopening the redsn0w program everytime you reboot or your iPod, iPhone or iPad dies)and if you have a older device like let's say a iPod Touch 3rd Gen you can't even update anymore past 4.2.2 because it's been discontinued but lucky the new firmware is garbage. The huge reason why not the upgrade is because of the crapy service AT&T and version has. I'm doing a giveaway when I reach 1,000 members so stay tuned and keep reading!

Blog of the Mouth! August

Posted by videogameworld360 on August 6, 2010 at 10:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my First Blog of the Mouth!

Please Fell Free to Play my Wide Variedly of Arcade Games From Shooter, Action, Sports, Life, Fun, Bloons Tower Defense, an Much Much More!

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cheats an hints for guitar hero 3 Legends of Rock

Posted by videogameworld360 on December 29, 2008 at 12:57 AM Comments comments (0)

guitar hero 3 the cheats:No Failure

To make it impossible to fail a song, insert the following code in the in-game cheats menu. Keep in mind that this cheat will not work in Career Mode: Green & Red, Blue, Green & Red, Green & Yellow, Blue, Green & Yellow, Red & Yellow, Orange, Red & Yellow, Green & Yellow, Yellow, Green & Yellow, Green & Red


To unlock Hyperspeed, go to the in-game cheat menu (found under Options) and insert the following cheat on your guitar: Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow.

All Items Available

To make every item available at the in-game store, insert the following lengthy cheat at the in-game cheats menu. Keep in mind that because you're strumming using four buttons, no sounds will play. You'll have to check the store when you're done inserting the password to see if it worked: Green/Red/Blue/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue, Green/Red/Yellow/Orange, Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue, Red/Yellow/Blue/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue, Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue, Green/Red/Yellow/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Orange, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue, Green/Red/Yellow/Orange.


Unlockable: Saint George Guitar

To unlock the Saint George guitar, complete Career Mode on Medium.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Moon Shot Guitar

To unlock the Moon Shot guitar, complete Career Mode on Easy.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Jolly Roger Guitar

To unlock the Jolly Roger Guitar, get five stars on each song during Career Mode on Medium difficulty.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Nemesis 13 Guitar

To unlock the Nemesis 13 Guitar, complete Co-Op Career Mode on any difficulty.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Rojimbo Guitar

To unlock the Rojimbo Guitar, complete Career Mode on Hard difficulty.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Distant Visitor Guitar

To unlock the Distant Visitor Guitar, complete Career Mode on Expert difficulty.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Bat Guitar

To unlock the Bat Guitar, get five stars on each song during Career Mode on Easy difficulty.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Beach Life Bass

To unlock the Beach Life Bass, complete Co-op Mode on hard.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Neversoft Skateboard

To unlock the Neversoft Skateboard, complete Co-Op Mode on expert with five stars.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: PendulAxe Bass

To unlock the PendulAxe Bass, complete Co-op Mode on expert.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: El Jefe Guitar

To unlock the El Jefe Guitar, complete Career Mode on expert with five stars.

Submitted by nick
Unlockable: Tiki Guitar

To unlock the Tiki Guitar, complete Career Mode on hard with five stars

Submitted by nick